Partnering with Parents in Biblical Education through
Community | Creativity | Christ

About Charleston Academy

Charleston Academy is a Christian Homeschool Academy offering dynamic and engaging classes for K-12th homeschool students in Charleston, Maine.

We partner with parents to train up a generation of culture-shapers through the format of educational discipleship, helping students strengthen their biblical foundations, enhance academic curiosity, develop marketable skill sets, and build healthy and wholesome relationships.

We partner with parents on the homeschool journey to raise up
a generation of culture-leaders and world-changers.

At Charleston Academy, we:

- Engage Students with labs instead of lectures, developing
   critical thinking skills in both core and enrichment classes.

- Foster Community with students and parents for support
   and encouragement.

- Support Parents through an individualized tutorial system
   that develops children holistically and at their own pace.

- Build the Kingdom by teaching students to think, reason,
   and problem-solve through the lens of the Biblical worldview.

- Create Opportunities for iron to sharpen iron. "As iron
   sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

Enroll Your Student at Charleston Academy

New students can enroll in Charleston Academy throughout the school year. We understand sometimes things change. If you aren’t happy with your student’s current situation, check us out. We are always ready to partner with you!